Boost student wellbeing, learning and emotional intelligence

Give students all the support they need to help reduce stress and anxiety, manage their own mental health, be happier and learn the soft skills they need to succeed at work.

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1-year subscription +
1-hour training session


Bronze + 12 hrs of training for facilitators over a year, to aid engagement, host discussions and answer questions


Silver + Coaching by trained HappierMe coaches

Develop a mind that is calm, and open to learning

How we think matters! We can avoid and overcome so many challenges we face every day by understanding ourselves and how our minds work. This can help students to self-regulate their habits, emotions and mental health, have happier relationships, and shine in the world.

Did you know?


of students suffer from stress


of students use alcohol or drugs to cope with their problems


of students report that they were often or always lonely


of students suffer from anxiety


of students report some thoughts of self-harm


of students conceal symptoms due to fears of stigma

The HappierMe impact across organisations

Inspiring fresh ways of thinking

Boost employability

Soft skills like communication, teamwork, emotional intelligence, critical thinking, and creativity are a natural by-product of self-understanding.

Emotional intelligence

Understanding your emotions boosts your EQ, and this can help staff manage their mental health and have happier relationships.

Better learning

Happy students who are not stressed or anxious, and who have healthy relationships are able to learn better.

Leadership skills

Leadership skills are a by-product of self-awareness. The Leadership section offers students a way of developing these skills to succeed at work.

Critical thinking

Self-awareness helps you to think clearly, solve problems, and make better decisions. This can lead to healthier habits.

Overcome Addiction

Our need for pleasure, our conditioning, and escaping from emotional pain drive addiction. We help people avoid and overcome it.


Happy relationships enhance learning and lay the foundation for long-term happiness. We have a dedicated Relationship section for users to explore.

Overcome stress & anxiety

We offer quick solutions to relieve stress and anxiety, and then understand the root cause for prevention and long-term solutions.

Dealing with criticism

We help students accept feedback with a positive attitude, which can enhance their learning and employability.

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Copyright © 2024 HappierMe. All rights reserved