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HappierMe aims to bring human beings together to explore our shared humanity and live with wisdom. We are here to reduce suffering, help people lead happier lives, and make the world a better place.

70+ modules

An all-in-one app with 70+ modules, covering every aspect of life

Not just a band-aid

Addresses the root cause, and offers prevention and long-term solutions

Caters to all ages

Caters to all ages, separately customised for teens and adults


Most problems we humans face, for which there is no easy answer, begin in our thinking. Our mission is to empower people to understand their own mind so they can be in charge of their thoughts, feelings and actions, and live a happier life. With a deeper understanding of ourselves we can manage our emotions, be mentally healthy, have happier relationships, avoid addiction and improve our soft skills.


With more than 70 bite-sized modules we help users feel better now, and then take them deeper to understand the root cause of problems, for prevention and long-term benefit. Additional support is available from our coaches and through our forum. Our online journal with guided questions aids self-reflection, which can bring transformation.

Watch. Read. Listen. Interact. Or just be.

Inspiring content to live your best life


A 5-step guided program to learn about yourself, grow as a person, and lead a happier life

Daily practice

5 exercises to set you up for the day

Trained coaches

For extra support, when you need it


Exploring solutions to everyday problems


Breathing exercises, nature meditations and audio meditations to calm the mind

Awareness exercises

Daily exercises for a deeper understanding of your own mind, to develop your emotional intelligence

Online forum

Join our community and share your thoughts and questions with others

Life stories

Inspiring real life stories from across the world

Journal & Guided Questions

Your secure online journal, with questions that push you to think beyond

Happiness survey

A survey to regularly track your progress through the app

Find answers

Common questions that can help you understand yourself, think clearly, and find fresh ways to deal with challenges

Partner program

Spread happiness by introducing the app to others and earn an income

The Founder

Dr Manoj Krishna

Dr Manoj Krishna, previously a spine surgeon in the UK, left his medical career and, along with other professionals, started the HappierMe Project to help reduce suffering and help people lead happier lives. He has authored two books - Understanding Me Understanding You, and Stress-free. He is also a public speaker and has spoken at more than 50 institutions.

Copyright © 2024 HappierMe. All rights reserved

Copyright © 2024 HappierMe. All rights reserved