Support your staff to be happier at work, and patients to lead healthier lives.

Support staff to be more resilient, avoid burnout, manage their own emotions and mental health, and be more compassionate.
Empower patients to self-regulate their habits, emotions and mental health so they can lead happier and healthier lives.

Packages to suit your needs


1-year subscription +
1-hour training session


Bronze + 12 hrs of training for facilitators over a year, to aid engagement, host discussions and answer questions


Silver + Coaching by trained HappierMe coaches

Take charge of your mental health, habits and emotions.

Reduce the demand for healthcare by helping patients self-regulate their habits and manage their own mental health.
Reduce burnout, boost retention and productivity by supporting staff to develop a positive attitude, have healthy relationships, and be happier.

Did you know?


of primary care visits are linked to stress (NIH)


of healthcare staff report burnout (CDC)


Obesity rate (CDC)

1 in 6

people have a substance abuse problem (HHS)

1 in 5

people have a mental health problem (HHS)


of people with depression don’t seek help

The HappierMe impact across organisations

Inspiring fresh ways of thinking

Mental health

Understanding your mind helps you be in charge of your thoughts, feelings and reactions, and self-regulate your emotions and mental health.

Be happier

Happiness is more of an inside job and comes from loving what you do, a positive attitude, and being grateful. Happy staff perform better.

Avoid burnout

Avoid staff burnout by helping them deal with stress better in the present, and then understand the root cause to overcome it more easily.

Be more kind

Patients and staff remember the kindness shown to them. Our kindness module explores what gets in the way of being more kind.

A positive attitude

Finding the good in people and situations helps develop a positive attitude, which helps people and organisations flourish.

Healthy relationships

The more we understand ourselves, the easier it is to understand others, and have healthy relationships with meaning and without conflict.

Make better decisions

By understanding our ego, our fear and our conditioning we can make better decisions, which can improve patient care and reduce complaints.

Leadership and emotional intelligence

Every skill leaders need is enhanced by self-awareness - empathy, communication, emotional intelligence, resilience, integrity and so on.

Avoid unhealthy habits and addiction

Self-awareness allows us to self-regulate our habits around sleep, food, alcohol and exercise helping us to lead healthier lives.

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Copyright © 2024 HappierMe. All rights reserved