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Upskill your staff to be happier, emotionally intelligent and make better decisions. An all-in-one app for mental health, relationships, better decision-making and soft skills.

Packages to suit your needs


1-year subscription +
1-hour training session


Bronze + 12 hrs of training for facilitators over a year, to aid engagement, host discussions and answer questions


Silver + Coaching by trained HappierMe coaches


Gold + Wisdom Leadership Training

Feel calm, capable, and better everyday, with HappierMe!

How you think matters! The app helps you feel better now, and then helps you to understand your own mind so you can be in charge of how you respond to challenges.

Did you know?


of employers say staff lack soft skills



of employees are disengaged



of employees have a mental health problem

(US Surgeon General)


of leaders fail within 18 months


1 in 6

people have a substance abuse disorder



of UK employees experience interpersonal conflict at work


The HappierMe impact across organisations

Inspiring fresh ways of thinking

Improved productivity

Boost productivity by helping staff feel happier and less stressed. Reduce interpersonal friction and boost collaboration through healthier relationships.

Emotional intelligence

Understanding your emotions boosts your EQ, and this can help staff manage their mental health and have happier relationships.


Emotional intelligence can prevent problems before they arise, and supports staff to be happy and have a positive attitude. This is infectious.

Leadership skills

Leadership skills are a by-product of self-awareness, and emotional intelligence. Our leadership section helps people learn these skills and flourish at work.

Critical thinking

Self-awareness helps you to think clearly, understand your emotions, and make better decisions.

Diversity & inclusion

Our modules on Conditioning, and Diversity & Inclusion help people explore and overcome their prejudices to enhance inclusion and reduce conflict.

Workplace relationships

Less friction between people and departments improves collaboration. We have detailed modules on Relationships, Work, and Communication to enable this.

Attract and retain talent

The app enables everyone to live with a positive attitude. This can change the culture of an organisation making it an attractive place to work.

Dealing with criticism

Our module on Criticism helps employees accept feedback with a positive attitude, and can help managers offer it with care.

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