Self-Awareness can help relationships flourish

Introduction – Wisdom, which comes from a deeper understanding of ourselves, can lead to greater self-awareness and help relationships flourish. We have so many relationships through our lives – with parents, children, friends and work-colleagues. They can bring us so much happiness, but can be equally heart-breaking if they are dysfunctional.

If humanity has to survive we must cultivate the science of relationships – the ability of all people to live together in peace’ - Franklin D Roosevelt

With 60+ modules the HappierMe app gives you the tools to access your own wisdom, understand your own ego, and then apply this to enhance every aspect of your life, including your relationships. It could help your relationships flourish in many ways:

1. Listen with depth

We all have a need to be listened to, but not the same need to listen. Listening with depth is a skill we can all learn, and this can enhance all our relationships.

2. Understand what is not being said

Being able to understand others clearly, including what is not being said, can deepen our connection with others, and avoid misunderstandings.

3. Speak with care

Wisdom helps us learn to speak with care, and consider how it is going to be received before speaking.

4. Be more flexible

Understanding our attachment to our own point of view can help us be more flexible and this can help avoid conflict.

5. Criticise others carefully

If we are not aware, the constant criticising of others can strain our relationships. Wisdom allow us to be sparing in our criticism and offer it carefully.

6. Live without Envy

By understanding the unconscious process of comparison in our own thinking, we can learn to only compare ourselves with others only when we need to, and avoid feelings of envy, low self-esteem and resentment – which can reduce stress and relationship conflict.

7. Develop emotional intelligence

By understanding ourselves we can better manage our emotions like unhappiness, anger, sadness, or loneliness. This helps us have happier relationships.

8. Understand emotional needs

We have many emotional needs we are not aware of which we expect others to meet. When they are not met we get hurt, and angry. Understanding them allows us to respond with wisdom.

9. Be kind

Our mind is usually thinking of itself and how its needs can be met. This leaves no space for kindness. Realising this allows us to respond with wisdom, and go out of our way to be kind to others.

10. Develop a positive attitude

A positive attitude is something we need to consciously develop, because our minds have a natural negativity bias. This allows us to overlook the faults in others.

'The beginning of love is to let someone be perfectly themselves, without trying to fit them into our image’ - Thomas Merton

11. Realise that your anger comes from you

Wisdom allows us to understand that our anger comes from ourselves – it’s a reaction to a feeling of being hurt or disappointed. Anger can harm relationships and this understanding allows us to respond with wisdom.

12. Receive criticism without reacting

Being able to receive feedback and criticism with intelligence is a skill we can all learn. Being open to listen to negative feedback and act on it can keep all our relationships healthy, for the long term.

13. Understand expectations

In all our relationships we carry many expectations of how we want others to behave. When these expectations are not met we can get hurt, get angry and this can strain our relationships. A deeper understanding of where our expectations come from allows us to respond with wisdom.

14. See people freshly. Be grateful.

Our mind usually takes what it already has for granted and focuses on what it does not have. Wisdom allows us to be grateful for what we do have, and see people freshly.

15. Learn to love

Wisdom allows us to love others for their sake, and not just because of what they do for us. Love is acceptance, and wisdom allows us to accept people as they are and not try and change them.

16. Learn about yourself

Relationships offer a mirror in which we can learn about ourselves and grow as human beings. Every reaction we have teaches us something new about ourselves – if we are open to learning.

17. Learn to forgive

To keep relationships healthy, we must learn to forgive others and overlook what we perceive to be their faults. Wisdom awakens compassion and makes forgiveness easier, because we see that deep down we are the same human being.

18. Have deeper, more meaningful connections with others

It is beautiful when our relationships have depth and meaning - we feel closer to others, and less lonely. To get closer to others we need to overcome our fear and be more vulnerable – sharing what we really feel. Wisdom can help us do this.

19. Learn to respect differences

We become unconsciously attached to our own conditioning and want others to think and behave like us. Wisdom allows us to respect differences because we have a deeper understanding of what is going on in our own thinking.

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Understand your mind. Live a happier life.

Life can be tough. The HappierMe app is your personal guide to help you feel better now, but also to take you deeper to understand your thoughts and feelings. It supports you to become the person you want to be, to be happier, manage your emotions and  succeed in the world. There are also coaches you can speak to through the app.

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Copyright © 2024 HappierMe. All rights reserved